How do I initiate an Extended Service Request?

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2021-09-16 16:31

These steps are performed by the requestor from the primary database. To extend telematics services to a target database, do the following. Remember, you must have the SecurityEditDeviceShare to extend your telematics services to another database. If you do not have this security clearance, and would like to extend services, please contact your Administrator. 

1. From the Fleet Management Application navigation menu, click Vehicles

2. Select a vehicle from the list, or search by name or device serial number. 

3. Alternatively, use the Select individual option from the dropdown menu to select multiple vehicles, then click the Edit selected devices button. 

4. On the Vehicle Edit page, click the Extended Services tab. If you selected multiple vehicles, do the same from the Vehicle Edit Multiple Devices page.

Extended services tab

5. Under the Extended Services tab, click the Add another service button.  Add another service

6. Enter the name of the target database under Database. The Rate Plan associated with the device is selected by default. If necessary, select another Plan from the dropdown menu.  

Vehicle edit screen

7. If desired, repeat step 4 to add more databases.

8. When you are finished adding services, click the Save button on the top menu, or the checkbox under Action to send your request to the target database.

Save extended services request

9. After saving, a notification displays at the top of the page confirming the request was successfully sent to the target database. The notification remains on the page until it is dismissed by clicking the X symbol.

extendable services success message

10. The Service Status under the Extended services tab changes from New to Pending. The service remains on the page until it is dismissed by clicking the X symbol. 

Pending extendable services request

11. The recipient of the target database can choose to accept or reject the request. If the request is accepted, the Service Status changes from Pending to Active, and billing associated with the selected Rate Plan, begins. If the service is rejected, the Service Status changes from Pending to Rejected, and no billing begins. 

Status of pending extendable service requests

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