Can I share data with trusted partners also using Geotab? What are Geotab Extendable Services?

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2021-09-16 15:22

Extendable Services is a secured data sharing technology that allows users to collaborate with trusted business partners by extending their telematics data to other Fleet Management Application users. For example, users can extend safety and performance-driven data to insurance providers to save on coverage or extend engine diagnostic data with maintenance providers to save on repairs. 

Extendable Services starts with a transaction between two Fleet Management Application users; a user from a primary database who makes a request to extend telematics services to a user from a target database, who accepts or rejects the request based on the needs of their business.  Extendable Services can only be shared with your Geotab GO devices at this time. Shared Rate Plans are available on Base, Regulatory, Pro, and ProPlus. 

Owner and target databases do not have to be on the same Rate Plan to use Extendable Services. Only data associated with the Rate Plan can be extended. Billing begins as soon as a request is accepted. 

Driver names, group names, and zone names are private and not displayed in the extended service.  Rate Plans can only be changed by terminating, then re-extending the service on the target database. Only Fleetistics can terminate an extended service on a target database.

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