Ford OEM Setup Process

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2021-05-06 18:15

Many vehicles are coming with a GPS system pre-installed by the OEM. These instructions are specfic to Ford vehicles. Most commercial fleet vehicles manufactured after June of 2019 have a GPS receiver installed. All 2020 and newer vehicles have a GPS receiver installed. Geotab has integrated with Ford, GM, Volvo, Freightline, JohnDeere and others to provide a unified platform for viewing all vehicle activity.

There are notable differences between the GPS data Ford provides and what Geotab provides through their GO GPS device. Be sure to understand the differences before making your decision. You can always switch to the Geotab GO device if you find you need features not available in the OEM solution. Geotab devices can be easily moved between vehicles and between vehicle manufacturers and assets.

As of 1.23.2020 Geotab Pro service and Ford Pro service is available. Geotab Base mode is coming Feb, 2020. Available in the USA only.


Service Feature Comparison (Geotab Pro vs Ford Pro. No Geotab Base mode at this time)

Geotab vs Ford OEM Service Features

Activating Ford OEM Service

  1. Navigate to
  2. Create an account and Fleet Identification Number (FIN) if you do not have one. It is only available for commercial fleet operators. Keep the FIN for future use. Speak with Ford if you have issues in the Ford portal.
  3. Select Orders>Telematics Modem Activation
  4. Select "Geotab" from the Telematics Provider drop list.
  5. Check the box next to the vehicles you want to activate.
  6. Click "Send to provider for activation"
  7. Download the list to Excel and email to your Fleetistics account manager so Fleetistics can add the service to your acccount.
  8. Fleetistics will prepare an order form for the monthly service and additional items as applicable. Monthly service billing is done by Fleetistics direct to the customer.
  9. Complete the order on
  10. Fleetistics sets up the account and provide access to Geotab and other partners and services.

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