Bad GPS Data

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2021-11-03 17:04

If you are experiencing "bad" GPS data or inaccurate GPS data, there are a variety of potential reasons. Generally changing the location or position of the GPS device or moving the vehicle to an open area will resolve the issue.

Things to check

  1. GPS device is in a location where it cannot "see" or receive enough signals from the GPS satellites to accurately determine position. By relating the device to an area with less metal or other obstacles, you may start to have better reception.
  2. The GPS device has a semi-directional GPS antenna. Rotating the GPS device may improve reception. The letter on the device does not reflect the direction of the antenna.
  3. Environmental conditions can degrade a GPS signal. Pine trees, tall buildings, metal sheds and garages are common obstructions. Move the vehicle if overhead obstructions may be causing the issue.
  4. Proper installation is another factor. Ensuring the GPS device is getting the proper amount of electricity all the time is important. Do not wire to data wires which fluctuate and can damage the vehicle.
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