Understanding driver feedback in Geotab.

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2022-08-25 21:39

Geotab's GO devices have a few built in driver feedback options that can be enabled. These are used to manage drivers and alert them. 

Enable audio feedback : When set to Off this control will override all driver feedback settings mentioned below as well as any other setting/command that would otherwise make the device beep.

GO Talk language:  Select the appropriate language for the driver

Driver identification reminder: Enable of utilizing driver ID keys or cards

Beep on engine RPM: If the driver revs the engine and the RPM surpasses the limit inputted here then the device will beep. 

Beep when idle for a period of time:

Beep when idling for a period of time: If the driver idles for longer than the configured time (in minutes) the device will beep. 

Speed Warning: The device will beep constantly when the vehicle reaches the speed set in Start Beeping and will not stop until the driver slows down to under the Stop Beeping speed.

Start and Stop Beeping: As the button name states, the beeping will start at the upper limit and remain on until below the lower limit

Beep on dangerous driving:  Used to beep when harsh movements are detected by the built-in accelerometer. The slider provided allows you to adjust the sensitivity. In layman's terms, if the slider is to the left then it will take a greater accelerometer value for the device to beep and if it is to the right it will require a lower accelerometer value. You will have to adjust this slider until you find what is right for each vehicle.

Beep when seat belt not used: As the name states this will configure the device to beep if seat belt unbuckled is detected. This will only work if the GO device is able to obtain seat belt from the vehicle's engine computer. There are two options provided:

Above XX km/h: this option will put a lower speed limit of when the seat belt feedback is applied.
Monitor both passenger and driver seat belts: By default this feedback option will only monitor the driver seat belt but if you enable this button (dark blue) then it will also beep if the passenger doesn't buckle his seat belt. 

Beep when reversing: The GO device will use its built-in accelerometer to detect when the vehicle is reversing. When this option is ON the device will beep when reverse is detected.


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