Troubleshooting Geotab OBD Device

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2022-11-30 18:05

The quickest thing you can do for an initial test is to swap the GPS unit not working one from a known working vehicle. If the GPS units continue to exhibit the same performance in the new vehicle, there is a high chance there is an issue with the GPS device. If it works in a second vehicle, the issue is likely with the vehicle. Sometimes, new or unique vehicle models, have a conflict with the vehicles computer. If you think this is the case, open a support ticket and share your detailed findings. 

It is important to perform this and other troubleshooting steps. Returning a device found to be working will result in a $35 bench testing and postage fee.

GO Device Light Definitions

On initial power-up, all three LEDs on the GO device will flash once in unison indicating that the device is receiving power. If none of the LEDs flash, this is an indicator that the device is not powered on.

After the initial flash, the Green LED will briefly turn solid indicating that the modem is connected to our servers. The Blue LED will also briefly turn solid indicating that the GPS is working. Both LEDs will eventually shut down if ignition is turned off.

Once ignition is turned on, the following are common light sequences indicating an issue:

  • No lights
  • Red only
  • Red and Blue only (most common)
  • Red and Green only

Fully seat the device to the harness.

Device Status Table

Use the device status table to monitor devices. Frequently Asked Questions - Device Status Table (

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