What does inverting the Auxiliary do in Geotab?

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2024-04-16 21:23

When connecting an auxiliary line to a circuit using the Geotab auxiliary cable, you can read the default value or invert the value. Ensure auxillary X, is used the exact same way throughout your fleet. If you are tracking a salt spreader being active with a default state value, it must be the same for all vehicles in your account. Geotab does not have a way to decipher differences between vehicles or auxillary state values.

To understand this better; on a light switch you have the on and off positions. Similarily, an auxiliary circuit provides a value of  0 or 1 based on the state of the circuit.. Lets say that 0 registers when "off" and 1 registers when "on". When the auxiliary is inverted, the values are inverted, 0 will represent "on" and 1 will represent "off". So the values are inverted in order to detect or monitor the opposite state. To get a more detailed explanation on how the auxiliaries algorithms work, please click on the link below.

Potential Scenarios:

1. You want to monitor the activation of emergency lights on an ambulance. The normal state of the circuit is powered off, so you want to see data when the lights are on.

2. A generator runs all the time to pump water from a basement in a skyscraper. The normal state of the pump drive is on, so you want to see data if the pump shut off. By inverting the aux input you can change how the data is reported.

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