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2021-11-03 17:10

MyFleetistics Password is Not Working

  • Select Reset Password on the login screen. (www.fleetistics.com/login)
  • Ensure your password meets requirements for complexity.
  • If can log into MyFleetistics but not Geotab or Fleetistics LITE, you can change your password from your profile. Click on your name in the top left corner. Select Reset Password and follow the steps. (Hint - Selecting Forgot Password is much easier)


Geotab and Fleetistics LITE Password is Not Working

  • Both systems use the same password as MyFleetistics. The MyFleetistisc password is passed to the GPS platform but the GPS platform cannot pass back any changes for security. Therefore, only change your password in your MyFleetistics profile (click your name in the top left) or choose Forgo Password on the Fleetistics login page. (www.fleetistics.com/login)
  • Ensure your password meets requirements for complexity. This may have been set by your Geotab account administrator under Administration>Services

Fleetistics ONE Passowrd is Not Working

  • Submit a support ticket to have it reset
  • Before logging in press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboad and delete your cookies

Reset Email Not Received

  • If you do not receive the password reset email, check your email spam and junk folders and have your IT department white list fleetistics.com and myfleetistics.com.
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