Fleetistics Mobile App

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2021-05-06 15:23

The Fleetistics mobile app is a fleet toolbox of various features and services. The app can be used by an individual or connected to a MyFleetistics account. Every customer has an App License key generated with the account is created in MyFleetistics. This code is put into the mobile app under the profile menu so the users app data can be correctly associated with a MyFleetistics account. The final step in connecting the app to the MyFleetistics is to go into Acccount>Services Administration and enable the service you want to use. You can enable one or all the services in the app depending on what is important.

Mobile App Modules and Services

  • Time and Attendance - track work, breaks and personal time and mileage as well as add pushpins for waypoinst or checkins. Used for people driving personal vehicles, foot patrols or a time card. If the services is enabled in MyFleetistics, timecard reports will be available to document the data collected in the app. When a user is on personal time, the mileage and time is calculated but the users GPS track is hidden from the employer. The personal mileage and time can be used for tax mileage deductions.
  • SOS - This is not connected to 911. The SOS button will send an email to the email entered by the user. If the service is enabled in MyFleetistics the SOS alert will appear on the MyFleetView map.
  • Future Modules Planned - Installation tracker, DVIR, electronic forms and more.
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