Priority Notification Service

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2022-11-30 15:56

Fleetistics offers the Priority Notification Services (PNS) to increase the speed, reliability and method of notification for key data from various GPS platforms. It is intended for the highest priority situations that need to be outside the "noise" of the standard GPS platform user. PNS notifications are the type that require immediate attention. Notifications are only available when the the GPS device provides the corresponding data. The PNS is not intended for life saving situations. To discontinue the service simply turn it off in MyFleetistics>Account>Services Administration.  You can cancel the service at anytime at the beginning of the next billing period.

The PNS is also for fleets where multiple people need to know if an event takes place. If the fleet manager is normally responsible for fleet issues but the fleet manager is on vacation, out of cellular coverage or traveling, the PNS provides seamless alert communication without editing various alerts in the GPS platform(s). Potential people/positions to be notified include: fleet managers, risk and safety managers, legal and fleet maintenance supervisors.

The PNS will contact the users listed using up to 3 different alert based on the methods selected; email, SMS and digital voice. The system will step through each method selected and terminate upon a response from a recipient.

It is recommended that users listed test the system periodically, save the phone number from the PNS as a contact on cell phones so it shows on caller ID, give the PNS contact a unique ring tone and priority status. This helps ensure off-hour notifications are "put through" and not silenced by other phone settings.

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