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2022-06-01 20:10

Data Plans - DRAFT

The default data plan is 500 MB per device, per month. You can exceed this without knowing which will result in overage fees if you chose not to get a data cap protection plan. We highly recommend a data cap protection plan to avoid overages. There are several options which your account manager can review with you. It is very important to understand data conumption and to educate your employees so they do not consume needed data or create high overage fees. 

Data Protection

  • Overall cap. This simply limits the monthly use to the plan you selected (500 MB default). You can use all this data in 1 day or over the data plan cycle. The 500 MB maximum is applied to the data allocation o

Data Allocation

Data allocation is a sub-service of the data cap protection optional service. After selecting the data protection, you will then choose how you want to allocate data during a data plan cycle. 

  • No daily limit. Use as much or as little as you like but data stops working at the plan purchased (500 MB is standard). You have to wait for the next data plan cycle or request the cap be lifted and pay overages. Downloading data from the SD card is also an option to avoid more data fees. 
  • 50 MB per day (default & recommended). This limit your account to 50 MB of data usage per day. If you used 50 MB per day, you would be able to use the system for 10 days per data plan cycle. 50 MB x 10 days = 500 MB. The 500 MB overall cap is automatically included.
  • 17 MB per day. This limit your account to 17 MB of data usage per day. If you used 17 MB per day, you would be able to use the system for 31 days per data plan cycle. 17 MB x 31 days = 500 MB. The 500 MB overall cap is automatically included.
  • Data does not rollover to the next day or next month
    • If you have a special situation such as an accident, just contact Fleetistics support and the limits can be lifted until you communicate to reinstate them. It is best to make the request to remove and reinstate using a support case from your MyFleetistics account online. This documents the date, time and user for each request which protects you from overages due to miscommunication. You can even tell us when to reinstate it when you request to have it removed.

      Example: "Remove the daily data cap on camera Abc1234 for the next 24 hours." This would not remove the 500 MB data cap protection if this option was elected at the time of order or added prior to overages being incurred. 

The data plan cycle begins on the 17th of each month and billing is done on a calendar month. 

Larger data plans are available if needed. Talk to your account manager to learn more.

Overage Fees

Overage fees (OF) are on a per megabyte basis because that is how the cellular carriers calculate overages. It is very easy to run up your data consumption, especially when getting started. If you need more data during installation and training, just let us know. We'll remove the cap for the timeframe you identify and then reinstate it. During this time, data overages are possible so educate your team. Most overages result from employees viewing live streaming who do not understand the data cost model. 

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