Does the Geotab System use a satellite or cellular network?

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2021-10-27 17:34

Yes and yes. The standard GO device receives signals from the GPS satellites to determine the lat/long, speed and altitude of a receiver (antenna in the GO device, phone, Garmin, OnStar, etc)on the earth with about 3 meters, generally less. The GPS data is then transmitted from the vehicle to a cellular communication network or an optional satellite communication network. Most customers use the cellular network modem because it is far less expensive than communicating on a satellite communication network. There are various cellular networks to choose from based on the data coverage in the area of asset operation.

When an asset needs to be tracked in very remote areas some or all of the time, and it is a high value asset, customers add a satellite modem to the standard GO system. This provides limited information in very remote areas such as oil fields. The detailed information is uploaded when the asset returns within range of the correct cellular network. This method is used to control costs because transmitting all data provided by the GO system would be cost prohibitive on a satellite communication network.

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